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Corporate Team Days & Events

As the concept of corporate social responsibility steadily grows in South Africa, more and more companies are realising the benefits of getting involved and supporting local non-profit organisations as part of their staff team building / corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Volunteering is after all a fantastic way for employees to give something back to their community while learning new skills and gaining all the benefits of a traditional team building event.

Depending on your company’s specific requirements, CROW has several projects and activities that you can assist us with as part of your next corporate team building / volunteering day, from painting, gardening and general repairs and maintenance to bigger projects such as helping us to design and build new enclosures and bomas for our patients.

CROW’s Environmental EduCentre, with its kitchen, bathroom and picnic facilities offers an ideal base from which to hold any corporate volunteering and or team building event. As part of the day’s activities, CROW can of course give an informative presentation and guided tour of our facilities and our EduCentre, which seats up to 60 people, can also be used as an off-site venue for strategic planning sessions / business meetings if this is something you would like to incorporate into your day.

Lastly, many companies that hold their corporate team building / volunteering day at CROW like to hold an office collection prior to their visit in order to drum up support and interest amongst their colleagues and or employees. Similarly, some companies agree to make a small donation per person or per group which is covered by the company’s training budget and helps to off-set the costs of any supplies needed on the day i.e. paint, paint brushes, etc.

For more information and to enquire about the possibility of holding your next corporate team building / volunteering day at CROW, please click here to contact us.