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Our Staff

Paul Hoyte, Director

Paul-webHaving grown up in Richards Bay surrounded by the abundant nature and wildlife of Zululand, Paul is an ardent nature lover who is passionate about the protection and welfare of all animals.

He joined the CROW team in early 2013 as the centre’s Marketing and Communications Officer. Paul’s role primarily focuses on helping to raise the public image and profile of both the organisation and its work in local wildlife rehabilitation.

Using his skills and experience in marketing, public relations and social media, Paul excelled in his role and was promoted to Director in July 2016.

As the centre’s Director, Paul oversees the day to day running of CROW, managing the team and implementing strategic development plans to ensure the organisation is finding innovative ways to provide a second chance to all the displaced wildlife throughout the KZN Province.

Paul believes that by reinforcing and building new strategic partnerships along with an extensive education programme, that CROW will continue to be a pioneering force within the wildlife rehabilitation industry.

Estie Allan, Clinic Manager

Estie-webAs Clinic Manager, Estie oversees CROW’s busy rehabilitation clinic and its team of dedicated Animal Welfare Assistants, grounds staff and volunteers who together, rescue, rehabilitate and release over 3,000 injured and orphaned animals every year.

Having been at CROW for over 10 years, Estie is a fully registered and trained Animal Welfare Assistant and has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fields of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation.

Working closely with CROW’s vet and numerous partners Estie personally ensures that each and every animal that is admitted to the centre is given the very best medical care and treatment possible.

Affectionately known as CROW’s “mongoose mom”, Estie’s calm and gentle nature means she has naturally evolved as the expert when it comes to the care and rehabilitation of these fascinating creatures.

Sue-Ann Shutte, Senior Clinic Nurse


As CROW’s longest serving member of staff, Sue-Ann has worked on and off at CROW for over 15 years.

A dedicated wildlife enthusiast and registered Animal Welfare Assistant, Sue-Ann has also served as Primate Curator at Cape Town’s World of Birds and as Bird Curator at Durban’s Umgeni River Bird Park.

As CROW’s resident avian expert and “dassie, genet and scrub hare mom”, Sue-Ann’s role at CROW is clearly invaluable. In addition to having her hands full overseeing the hundreds of feathered and furry patients that land up in her care on a monthly basis.

Sue-Ann has also completed her Certificates in Animal Husbandry, Animal Care, Surgical Veterinary Assistant and Wildlife Management.

With her hands clearly full, Sue-Ann’s husband Bobby and their two children, Jamie and Eric thankfully share her passion for her work and can regularly be found giving a helping hand at our centre.

Kelly Wilyman, Senior Clinic Nurse


As a registered Animal Welfare Assistant and fervent wildlife conservation enthusiast, Kelly’s love and commitment to her job is unquestionable. With her boundless energy and spirited enthusiasm, Kelly is arguably one of CROW’s most hardworking employees for whom the animals simply come first.

Prior to joining CROW, Kelly spent three years living in the UK where she studied finance and 5 years working in sales before finding her true calling and dedicating her life to nursing wild animals in distress and ensuring their safe return to the wild.

As CROW’s resident “antelope mom”, Kelly’s role involves caring for amongst many other species, all injured and or orphaned baby antelope that come into centre.

During her time at CROW’s, Kelly’s quick-thinking and fearless nature has assisted in the safe rescue and release of thousands of wild animals across the province.

In her spare time, when she’s not crusading on behalf of our wildlife, Kelly can be found reading, relaxing in the company of friends and family and pouring affection on her beloved cat, Lester.

Kylie Hawkins, Junior Clinic Nurse


Kylie joined CROW in May 2016. She studied a Nature Conservation Diploma at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in George before joining the CROW team. Kylie comes from a family who loves animals.

Her mother is a zoologist and it’s here where her passion for animals was born. In addition to her studies, Kylie’s done a number of courses on snakes and reptiles.

As a Junior Clinic Nurse, Kylie’s responsibility is to care for the antelope patients admitted to the centre. She hand-rears the antelope from infancy and then oversees their rehabilitation up until they are released back into the wild.

The keen nature conservationist describes treating antelope difficult at times, but rewarding. Kylie sees it as a privilege to go through each stage of rehabilitation with her antelope patients.

Andrew Butt, Volunteer Coordinator/Clinic Assistant


Andrew joined CROW in August 2016 as Volunteer Coordinator/ Clinic Assistant.

A nature conservation graduate who also has a degree in psychology and geography and a post graduate business diploma has a wide range of skills to best suit a job that involves animal lovers from all over the world.

Most of his time is spent on the ground at CROW and in the clinic coordinating the volunteers’ activities as they assist with the running of CROW.

Andrew enjoys working with people from around the world who share a passion for wildlife.

Mabel Watts, Primate Manager

Mabel-WattsAs CROW’s Primate Manager, Mabel juggles a very busy workload overseeing the Primate Rehabilitation programme.

Mabel’s commitment to helping wildlife in distress started at a young age where as a young girl growing up on the family farm in Pongola, she took on the responsibility of nursing all injured and orphaned animals that inevitably came her way.

Prior to joining the team at CROW, Mabel worked in the private investigation industry where she picked up some surprisingly useful skills and experience!

As a passionate advocate for primates’ right to freedom in the wild, Mabel tries to share and instil her deep respect and appreciation for primates with others.

As CROW’s resident “monkey mom”, Mabel personally oversees the hand-rearing of all orphaned, injured and displaced primates that are admitted to the centre each year including baby Vervet Monkeys, Chacma Baboons and Bush Babies.

When questioned about her job, which is arguably one of the most challenging and yet rewarding jobs in the world, Mabel will simply shrug and tell you “they make me complete”.

Nompilo Ngcobo, Environmental Education Officer


As CROW’s full-time Environmental Education Officer, Nompilo is passionate about sharing her love for all things wild with the younger generation.

Heading up the delivery of CROW’s Wildlife Warriors Environmental Education programme, Nompilo puts into practice both her experience in environmental protection and her formal studies in Nature Conservation that she is currently completing through UNISA.

Prior to joining to the CROW team in March 2014, Nompilo worked as a Tour Guide at the Lion Park, as well as a Junior Keeper at Johannesburg Zoo. Nompilo also successfully completed EWT’s Conservation Training Programme in 2010.

When she’s not working and volunteering her time, Nompilo loves visiting local nature reserves and any other outdoor activity that enables her the opportunity to appreciate South Africa’s prolific natural heritage.

Monique Deme, Reception


Monique is an avid wildlife enthusiast who volunteered at CROW for two years before joining the staff team in early 2013. In addition to volunteering at CROW, Monique has also volunteered at several other wildlife centres across the country including SAMREC (SA Marine Rehabilitation & Education Centre), Bayworld, Ushaka Marine World and Seaview Game and Lion Park.

Monique is currently in the process of studying towards a diploma in wildlife management and one day aspires to work as a primate behaviourist.

Through her numerous volunteering roles Monique has acquired an impressive amount of knowledge regarding our indigenous species and the wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release process.

Monique’s role here at CROW includes overseeing the admissions process, answering queries from the public and ensuring that all patient files and administration related to CROW’s work are kept up to date.

In addition to her study commitments, Monique is also an avid sportswoman who can usually be found playing, coaching or umpiring hockey. Monique also enjoys camping, fishing, hiking and generally spending time outdoors as much as possible.

Jacelyn Zwart, Fundraiser

Jacelyn-web-2Jacelyn joined CROW in September 2016. Previously she was a fundraiser at the CANSA association in Umbilo.
As CROW’s fundraiser, Jacelyn’s role is to source funding for our many ongoing initiatives.

These include our annual calendar campaign and preparing fundraising proposals. “I see being a fundraiser for a NGO is a very rewarding experience. I also enjoy helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Animals do not have a voice and at CROW we give animals a voice.”

Sally Jevon, HR and Finance Assistant


Sally Jevon joined CROW as HR and Finance Assistant in August 2016. Her association with CROW dates back to her childhood, when Sally’s mother, Helen was actively involved in CROW. An avid animal lover herself, Sally jumped at the opportunity to work for the company.

As HR and Finance Assistant, Sally oversees the day-to-day financial operations at CROW and ensures the financial side of the business runs smoothly.

While she was growing up, Sally was always surrounded by animals. “I’m excited to be part of the team. I really enjoy the family atmosphere among the staff at CROW and being part of the team feels like home away from home.” Sally’s husband and two children share her love for animals.

Michael Mdlala, Driver

Michael-webMichael is CROW’s dedicated driver who assists the team with collecting supplies and rescued wildlife from the organisation’s depots on a weekly basis.
Michael has been with CROW for over 16 years and in this time has become a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation and protection.

As such, Michael often assists the CROW team by alerting us to local wildlife in distress and helping us to create awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

David Dlamini, Ground staff

David-DlaminiDavid Dlamini is the friendly face that greets staff every morning, while he goes about his daily duties, maintain the centre’s gardens and grounds. David says he enjoys being a part of CROW because the organisation makes a difference in the lives of animals.

Sanele Mdladla, Ground staff

Sanele-webSanele puts a smile on staff’s faces with his great sense of humour and dedication to his work at CROW. He is passionate about animals and being a part of the CROW family.


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