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At any given time there are between 300 and 400 injured, orphaned and displaced animals that are receiving specialised care and treatment at the CROW centre. As Durban’s only registered rehabilitation centre caring for all indigenous wildlife found in KZN, providing shelter that meets the needs of our unique and varied patients, is both a costly and on-going challenge.

In addition to conforming to specific regulations regarding size and layout, our rehabilitation enclosures are also in need of on-going maintenance and repairs to ensure they do not pose a health or safety risk to our patients or staff.

CROW relies on the generous support of numerous individuals, families, companies and groups to sponsor new and existing rehabilitation enclosures at our centre. Sponsoring an enclosure at CROW is a fantastic way of showing your support for local wildlife rehabilitation or honouring a loved one by sponsoring an enclosure as a gift or in memoriam.

As one of our valued sponsors you can look forward to receiving the following benefits:
A personalized sponsorship certificate
An annual report detailing the stories of all the animals that have been housed in your sponsored enclosure during the course of the year.
The opportunity to publically acknowledge your sponsorship by erecting a sign on or near your sponsored enclosure at the CROW centre.
Your name / company name listed on CROW’s website.

Please click below for more details on the existing rehabilitation enclosures that are available for sponsorship at our centre.

Garden Bird Aviaries

R400 per annum (15 Aviaries available for sponsorship)

CROW’s garden bird aviaries are used in the rehabilitation of a wide variety of indigenous garden birds that are either recovering from an injury or have come in as orphans and been hand-reared here at our centre. From Weavers, Finches and Barbets to Loeries, Honey Suckers and Sun Birds, CROW successfully rescues, rehabilitates and releases over 2500 indigenous garden birds every year, thus helping to ensure our abundant indigenous bird life is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

CROW’s garden bird aviaries are specially designed to aid in the rehabilitation of a wide variety of garden bird species. For instance, each aviary has perches of varying diameters available to allow for the bird to select one suitable for its foot size. Swinging perches also help to encourage more frequent use of leg and wing muscles.

Current Garden Bird Aviary Sponsors:
– Garden Bird Aviary No: 1 – Birdlife Port Natal

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Mammal Enclosures

R500 per annum (8 Mammal Enclosures available for sponsorship)

CROW’s mammal enclosures are used in the rehabilitation of a wide variety of small to medium-sized mammals, the most common of which are our indigenous Banded Mongoose, Dassies (Rock Hyrax) and Genet species that are found throughout KwaZulu-Natal. Increasingly, these animals end up in our care after they have been hit by cars on our roads or attacked by dogs in our ever-growing suburbs. Sadly, we have also noticed an increase in the number of small mammal species that are now being targeted for traditional medicine or the local “muthi” trade.

Here at CROW we take great care to ensure each enclosure is designed to meet the specific needs of our individual patients and that they are designed to reduce as much stress as possible for our animals during the rehabilitation process. For example, our genet enclosures are kept filled with dense vegetation to help ensure our elusive genets have plenty of hiding places. Hollowed-out tree trucks towards the back of the enclosure also helps to provide shelter that closely resembles their natural habitat in the wild.

Current Mammal Enclosure Sponsors:
– Mammal Enclosure No: 10 – Leigh Kotze
– Mammal Enclosure No: 1 – Wendy Lombard

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Birds of Prey Enclosures

R500 per annum (7 Birds of Prey Enclosures available for sponsorship)

CROW’s birds of prey enclosures are used in the rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and displaced birds of prey such as owls, falcons, eagles, hawks, kites and buzzards. The enclosures are specially designed to promote the safe recovery of our patients and to avoid unnecessary human contact and therefore stress during the rehabilitation process.

For example, a simple slatted wooden fence with peepholes along the front of the enclosures helps ensure the birds cannot see general human activity at ground level and a net roof allows plenty of ventilation and natural light while preventing feather damage.

Current Birds of Prey Enclosure Sponsors:
– Birds of Prey Enclosure No: 1 – Jan Lombard
– Birds of Prey Enclosure No: 2 – Creative Bathrooms

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Mongoose Enclosures

R500 per annum (5 Mongoose Enclosures available for sponsorship)

The indigenous Banded Mongoose is found throughout KwaZulu-Natal. This highly social carnivore lives in large communal groups of up to 50 individuals, though groups of 10-20 are more common.

Every year, over 30 injured, orphaned or displaced Banded Mongoose are rescued by CROW and rehabilitated at our centre.

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ICU Enclosures

R600 per annum (4 ICU Enclosures available for sponsorship)

As the name implies, CROW’s ICU enclosures are designed to accommodate our most critical patients that require intensive care due to the severe injuries they have sustained or because they are highly stressed and therefore pose a serious danger to both themselves and others.

Each ICU enclosure is specially equipped with heating lamps, soft bedding and optional wall padding to provide an optimal environment for medical treatment that still mimics the animal’s natural habitat. Interior and exterior sections allow for the enclosure to be sealed off or extended as and when needed.

Current ICU Enclosure Sponsors:
– ICU Enclosure No: 1 – Terry Erasmus

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