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Wild Things – November 2016

Wild and Free

2016 has presented many challenges for CROW, with the province’s water shortage being top of the list. Sourcing viable releases sites in the midst of a drought is no easy task but the CROW team have managed to keep some momentum going by finding small pockets of wilderness that fared well in this trying time. Fortunately, recent rains have brought back a welcomed green glow across the province, allowing the team at CROW to move forward with many delayed releases.

Over the past month, CROW has been able to return over 100 animals back into their natural habitats. A recent highlight was one of their antelope patients, Lola the Nyala that was released after a long haul of specialised rehabilitation.

Lola was admitted to CROW late last year after being found abandoned near St Lucia. For their first few months of life, baby antelope are entirely reliant on their mothers, leaving little Lola with a slim chance of survival. Once transferred to the centre, she was put in an intensive rehabilitation programme led by CROW Clinic Manager, Estie Allan. Over the next 11 months Lola was reared into a strong, young antelope capable of finding and foraging for food naturally in the wild. A few weeks ago, in an emotional whirlwind of a day, Estie and her team finally saw Lola take her first steps as a free animal. Initial feedback from the release has been hugely positive. Over the coming months, Lola will be closely monitored to ensure she adjusts well and will be able to sustain herself in the wild.

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