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Wild Things – September 2016

One Paw out the Door

Emotions ran high among the CROW team on Monday, 22 August following the transfer of four Side-striped Jackals patients into their pre-release boma in the Hluhluwe area.

The four jackals, Piper, Page, Hulk and Griffin were discovered by cane cutters on a local farm in the Empangeni area late last year. The workers alerted the farmer who noticed that the pups burrow had caved in and collapsed. Not wanting to interfere with nature and wanting to ensure the pups were in need of rescue, the farmer then waited a few days to see if their mother would return. Sadly, the mother didn’t return and the CROW team were contacted. After receiving the all-clear from Dr Geoffrey Fourie at Empangeni Veterinary Hospital, the pups were transferred to CROW’s facility for rehabilitation.

From day one the jackals were under the watchful eye and expert care of CROW Clinic Nurse, Sue-Ann Shutte who is well-versed in the care and treatment required to successfully rear jackals.

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