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Wildlife Warriors Programme

For over 30 years, CROW has been committed to educating both young and old on the importance of conserving and protecting our natural heritage. CROW’s Wildlife Warriors Programme aims to educate children and young people about key environmental issues while inspiring them to take positive action in their everyday lives.

Through our programme, CROW strives to equip children and young people with the knowledge, passion and skills they need to become proactive ambassadors for our wildlife.

The programme is based in CROW’s Environmental Educentre that is specially designed to engage and educate children and young people about issues relating to wildlife conservation and protection in a fun and informative manner.

An interactive, age-appropriate presentation covering a wide range of issues is delivered by CROW’s Education Officer including answers to important questions such as:

  • What is wildlife rehabilitation and why is it needed?
  • Why is conserving our wildlife so important?
  • What is biodiversity and what role does our wildlife play in the local ecosystem?
  • Why is the best cage always an empty cage?
  • What must I do if I find an injured / abandoned animal?
  • How can I be a wildlife warrior and help protect our wildlife?

A guided tour of our centre gives children and young people the opportunity to meet some of our animals and learn firsthand about the fascinating and often complex process of professional wildlife rehabilitation.

CROW’s Wildlife Warriors programme is suitable for children ranging from 5 – 13 years of age and groups of up to 60 children can be accommodated at a time.

For bookings and more information on our Wildlife Warrior’s programme including fees and availability, please contact us on 031 462 1127 or email us at education@crowkzn.co.za