SIZE: 36 cm

WEIGHT: 1.3 kg

Mongoose use solid objects to break the shell of an egg or throw it to the hard surface.

Mongoose are highly vocal and communicate with each other through a series of twitters, whistles, trills, and vibrations.

Mongoose colonies live, travel and fight together as a team. They stay in one area for around a week, then move in a wave to another location, much like a flock of birds when they migrate.

When a mongoose digest snake venom, it causes no harm to the mongoose as the venom of a snake needs to be injected into the body of the victim to become lethal.

Mongoose have non-retractable claws similar to that of a Cheetah

Mummified mongoose have been discovered in Egyptian tombs.

A Mongoose’s favourite meal is a black mamba and a cobra

When babies are born into a troop, all mongoose help take care of them