General indemnity – adults

By reserving tickets at, I acknowledge that all adult participants are medically fit to walk and fully understand that we enter Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve at our own risk. CROW is hereby indemnified for any injury, loss, damage of property, medical expenses, pain and suffering, temporary or permanent disablement or any other condition that results from the aforementioned adult persons attending and participating in CROW’s Walk in the Wild Fundraiser.


General indemnity – minors


Media release

By reserving tickets at and participating in CROW’s Walk in the Wild Fundraiser, I/We, the “participants”, acknowledge that Centre of Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) will use photograph/s and/or video/s of the aforementioned participants on social media provided, however, without their or their legal guardians’ further written consent, their name/s shall not be used in connection with such photograph/s or video/s on Social Media. “Social Media” means any form of social network on the internet, including, without limitation, CROW’s website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and/or Twitter.


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